Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Scream, December 2008

All works from show, I Scream, December 2008.  Gallery One at the Appalachian Center for Craft.
"Soul Food" low fire white and color paper clay, conveyer belt, electric motor, 28x36x14.  2008
To see video of he conveyer belt working go to:

"Soul Food Observers"  Low fire Ceramic,  24x14x10

"Soul Food Observers"  Low fire Ceramic,  24x14x10

"Over the Rainbow, Musicbox"  low fire and color paper clay, 8x5x5.  2008

"All in the Family, installation view" white and color paperclay.  various sizes2008

"All In the Family Details"  white and color paperclay.  various sizes. 2008

"Over the Rainbow" White and color paper clay.  individual cones various sizes.  2008

"Total Meltdown" low fire white clay. each box 18x9x2.  2008

"Total Meltdown Detail" low fire white clay. each box 18x9x2.  2008

"I Scream" low fire white paper clay, underglaze.  Mask-24x12x12, with strawberries-24x24x12.  2008
All images copyrighted and taken by TTU photo/John Lucas and Dean Carothers

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