Monday, March 12, 2012

Torso Sculptures

I have always enjoyed creating these torso sculptures throughout the years.  I have tried many different styles, color combinations, and firing techniques.  Most the torso have a full figure or even imperfections as I believe in representing a more traditional and realistic depiction of women as opposed to an "idealized" beauty.  I use line to accentuate the curves and move the eye throughout the sculpture. Posture is important in implying movement and life within the piece.

Torso Sculpture, Angle Series.   Porcelain Paperclay fired to cone 6, Underglaze.  2009

Torso Sculpture, Angle Series.  Porcelain Paperclay at cone 6.  2009

Soda Fired Torso Sculpture, Torn Slab.  Porcelain Paperclay, soda fired at cone 10.  2009

Torso Sculpture, Angle Series with Ruffles.   Porcelain Paperclay with Flashing Slip.  Soda fired to cone 10.  2009

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