Monday, March 12, 2012

Torso Sculptures

I have always enjoyed creating these torso sculptures throughout the years.  I have tried many different styles, color combinations, and firing techniques.  Most the torso have a full figure or even imperfections as I believe in representing a more traditional and realistic depiction of women as opposed to an "idealized" beauty.  I use line to accentuate the curves and move the eye throughout the sculpture. Posture is important in implying movement and life within the piece.

Torso Sculpture, Angle Series.   Porcelain Paperclay fired to cone 6, Underglaze.  2009

Torso Sculpture, Angle Series.  Porcelain Paperclay at cone 6.  2009

Soda Fired Torso Sculpture, Torn Slab.  Porcelain Paperclay, soda fired at cone 10.  2009

Torso Sculpture, Angle Series with Ruffles.   Porcelain Paperclay with Flashing Slip.  Soda fired to cone 10.  2009

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Skull and Ice Cream Works

These works are not pertaining to any particular show, but just some things I have done the past.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Scream, December 2008

All works from show, I Scream, December 2008.  Gallery One at the Appalachian Center for Craft.
"Soul Food" low fire white and color paper clay, conveyer belt, electric motor, 28x36x14.  2008
To see video of he conveyer belt working go to:

"Soul Food Observers"  Low fire Ceramic,  24x14x10

"Soul Food Observers"  Low fire Ceramic,  24x14x10

"Over the Rainbow, Musicbox"  low fire and color paper clay, 8x5x5.  2008

"All in the Family, installation view" white and color paperclay.  various sizes2008

"All In the Family Details"  white and color paperclay.  various sizes. 2008

"Over the Rainbow" White and color paper clay.  individual cones various sizes.  2008

"Total Meltdown" low fire white clay. each box 18x9x2.  2008

"Total Meltdown Detail" low fire white clay. each box 18x9x2.  2008

"I Scream" low fire white paper clay, underglaze.  Mask-24x12x12, with strawberries-24x24x12.  2008
All images copyrighted and taken by TTU photo/John Lucas and Dean Carothers